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February 25, 2020

In less than ten days a lot of ice has melted from one part of the Antarctic.  Could it be time to sell your oceanside property?

Meanwhile, in California, home owners in fire risk areas are often seeing insurance premiums go up by more than double…or their insurance company simply refuses to renew.  The state legislature is trying to fight back.

I have a friend in rural California, retired.  She and her partner are getting ready to flee the state…their home insurance premium is now prohibitive.

Another California friend, who lives in rural Mariposa near Yosemite, sent me this email: “Fire insurance in much of rural and interface California is now unavailable or out of reach. With it goes the value of your home, since most banks won’t loan until you can demonstrate coverage. So also goes home construction and the real estate business.”

So people may not be selling their homes in Auburn or Tahoe or Grass Valley or Columbia or…any time soon.  Empty lots in Paradise may be gong at Paradise-low prices…