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March 9, 2022

The invasion of Ukraine has brought into focus many things about Earth 2022–economic interdependence…the danger of the autocrat in White House, Kremlin or Beijing…how deep, omnipresent Russian corruption siphoned rubles from “military spending” into yachts and mansions outside the country…the ubiquity of social media and cell phones in much of the world…

Most pernicious: power of corporations. Why can’t gasoline prices be frozen at 50 cents per gallon over the cost of production and delivery? Corporate stranglehold on power and political donations. $6/gallon gasoline will short-term destroy the Democratic Party in US. Most Americans care a lot more about gas prices than a bunch of people they never see in some land far away.

Nuclear war: sure it’ll kill lots of people, and irradiate millions of acres and organisms…but beyond that: nuclear winter and global starvation of┬ámost creatures less self-sufficient than algae. Nuclear winter would prevent crop production, maybe for two years. Could we even find seaweed to eat? Or three year old canned beans? Click here to access “Weekly PLanet“…then scroll down to this headline: On Top of Everything Else, Nuclear War Is a Climate Problem